Saturday, November 3, 2007

SC verdict is law of land, says Pak judge

Even as the Pakistani army moved in to occupy strategically important places and issue pack-up orders to the country’s Supreme Court, justice Wajihuddin Ahmed who contested the recent Pakistani presidential elections (unsuccessfully) against General Pervez Musharraf has said the decision to set aside the emergency by an eight member bench of the Supreme Court is the law of the land.

"The emergency has been set aside by the eight member bench and as of now there is legally no emergency," said justice Wajihuddin who was the Chief Justice of the Sind high court and a judge of the Supreme Court before resigning.

In a telephone interview, Ahmed said that emergency stood suspended. When asked what would happen in case the Pakistani army refused to accept the Supreme Court decision, Ahmed said that the world would be surprised in the coming days.

"It is just not just the Supreme Court but a huge section of the army that is not interested in the emergency. If I know the armed forces well and I have my sources, the Pakistan army is very much for the Constitution and the rule of the law," he said. He added that the Pakistani army was not for a one man rule and that it would be evident soon.

Blaming the advisors of President Musharraf for the imposition of the emergency, Ahmed said that Musharraf’s advisors had been misguiding him and ill advising him. "I think his advisors are trying to create more enemies for him by giving him incorrect advice," he said. He added that with such advisors, Musharraf was creating more enemies than friends.

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